The Xtabai by Nayre Bol, STD 6 (7th grade) Bishop Martin RC School (Note, the Xtabai is a Maya and Mestizo folk character, a beautiful woman by day, at night she transforms into a serpent-like monster. She warns drunk men to behave and also teaches lessons of fidelity.)

In the village of Toledo there lives the Xtabai. the Xtabai has chicken feet, clear skin, blonde hair and green eyes. In the day time she was beautiful with her long blue dress covering her chicken feet. She smelt like a daisy. You could find her on on the roadside waiting for drunk men to follow her. As night falls she takes the men into her cave and then turns into a serpent-like monster and kills the drunk men. If you’re lucky you can escape with your life, but remain crazy for the rest of your days.

One night while I was waiting on the roadside for the bus, I met the Xtabai and my life was never the same. the Xtabai was hiding in a nearby bush and I couldn’t see her. Suddenly I smelt a daisy scent. Instantly I knew it was the Xtabai. I didn’t turn back to see her, I sprinted through the air, but tripped on a stone. As I stood up to see if she was coming. I was face to face with the most hideous and horrible creature I have ever seen.

She had a serpent-like face, vines with moss for her hair, chicken feet, sticks with prickles for her hands and fingers, she smelt like rotting mud, rotting fish and cheese and when she wanted to speak, a hissing sound came out. My heart felt like a rocket ready to burst out of my chest. My hands felt stiff like sticks. My voice was gone. My eyes as big as dollar coins. Suddenly, I felt a cold wind over my body and boom! I was on the ground lifeless. Next she dragged me to her moss covered cave. I woke up and to my surprise I was in a cave. There were bones and bundles of clothes. It was still night and I couldn’t see the Xtabai. So, I realized an opportunity to get out. But the Xtabai was smart, she knew somehow I would wake up and try to escape. When I tried to come out the vines grabbed me. But I remembered that I had a knife, I had forgotten all about it. I slashed the vines with all my strength. When I came out I began leaping away. Finally I reached home, it was already morning. the door was open, so I slipped in. Quietly, I went upstairs into my room into my bed and never in my life will I go alone to a bus stop at night!

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