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Storytelling and Speaking Coaching Sessions

These are available in groups, for teams or one on one from wherever you are in your presentation creation or journey.

How does it work?

  1. FREE 30 minutes Initial assessment call or email exchange to determine your needs: Is it polishing a current presentation or beginner brainstorming? Do you need story frames to apply to a talk or do you need help mining the story from your data? Our brief email exchange or a 30 minute phone call will tell us. Once we know your needs, and you decide if I can help, we take it from there.
  2. I will provide the necessary tips, tools and techniques to serve you to clearly and in a compelling manner to create your story or polish your presentation. You do a revised version, I edit and share detailed, specific feedback. Turn around time from when I receive your work: 24 hours.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the story script, you have the option of verbal delivery coaching. 30 to 60 minutes sessions. Sessions available via Skype or Zoom or phone.

Fee: $250/hour includes: email revision exchanges and 30-60 minutes verbal coaching session.

Deeper Dive Coaching combines specific storytelling prompts and email exchanges of specific writing assignments to prime the pump with verbal coaching of your story delivery via Skype or Facebook video chat or phone.

FREE 30 minutes initial assessment we begin the process of transforming your Story or presentation into something completely worth sharing. One session or multiple, it’s up to you.
Coaching Structure:
1. Initial needs assessment via form here on website.
2. Choose: brainstorming session or current content share with specific feedback.
3. Homework assignment: writing prompts, story frames, story crafting.
4. Coach (Kristin) provides written or verbal feedback on homework assignment.
5. Client revises assignment.
6. Coach provides delivery coaching.

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