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“It’s all about the story. Story is how we connect one to another and understand the world around us. Research and science support this claim. If you want to convince, convey, create action; story serves to make it so.”

But, if you are like me, you will want to hear a Story…

For over two decades I’ve witnessed the power of story first hand in the work that’s chosen me. Beginning at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Bio-Epidemiology where I served as Lead Research Interviewer on an ovarian cancer study. This might not sound like the place you were thinking one would see the power of story at play, but it was. Sitting in hospital rooms and homes gently asking 64 medical history questions it turned out the most information packed answer was gained from this question, “tell the Story of how you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer.” The answers led to insights we never would have heard from the standard questions usually included in studies such as these. Countless women shared their journeys of sometimes a decade or more of misdiagnoses, not being heard by doctors, being told it was “all in their head” before they were properly diagnosed. Imagine if this was you or your mother or sister or daughter or best friend. An eye opener to understanding the often long delays between initial symptoms and diagnosis. By the time most women are diagnosed they are in late stages and life expectancy is often 5 years post diagnosis. Perhaps, through the stories shared, more lives will be saved. That might sound like a big claim to make, but it’s possible. In fact, several prestigious medical schools now include Storytelling in their med program.
Story is an effective tool across all sectors: at the World Bank I’ve witnessed projects stalled in negotiations finally come to fruition and signed agreements with the seemingly simple addition of stories from real world impact of their project rather than the typical complex data dump or death by powerpoint.

“In a short timeframe, you will learn how to present your ideas concisely and convincingly. You will become a master at turning boring presentations full of nerdy slides into engaging talks supported by powerful images. Kristin moderates this online course masterfully. She provides just-in-time feedback and lots of customized tips and advice. If you think you don’t have time for this — think again. This is a great investment of your time, and it will pay off!” 

Louise Twining-Ward
Senior Private Sector Specialist,
Tourism, Trade & Competitiveness

“The course made me look at every presentation differently. Kristin turned on end my notion of how to do a good presentation, built my confidence, and skills. 

PS – I think we need a revolution to change wordy powerpoints. It’s not about the slides but about the story!”

Alan Neil Golding
Senior Resource Management Officer

Your course is such a breath of fresh air. I don’t think you know the gift you give your participants. Just know that you are changing the world, one presentation at a time…and doing it by spreading joy. Thank you so much.

So, how does this apply to you?

  • Do you want to clearly communicate key messages and share insights beyond the numbers?
  • Do you want to convince your audience to take action, whether that = coming to YES for funding or implementing a new procedure?
  • Do you have a Story to tell, but aren’t exactly sure how? Or a presentation to deliver and though you’ve got super slides and all your data, it’s missing a little je ne sais quoi (that’s French for “something.” ? )
    PS. “It’s never about the data, it’s about the story behind the numbers.” ~ Hans Rosling, Big Data Genius.


From story mapping to story frames to other practical and applicable tools to illuminate the human story behind your data, product, process or procedure.

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