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Elizabeth Ellis

“Kristin Pedemonti’s stories ring with Hope. They are good medicine for our weary hearts.”

Elizabeth Ellis
Master Story Teller

Anna Osińska

“Kristin is an exceptional storyteller – she inspires and gives confidence that allows you to believe nothing can stop you. After meeting her you just have no excuse but to dare to realize your dreams.” –

Anna Osińska
Inkubator Starter, Gdansk Poland

Andrei Tolstopiatenko

“Kristin has taught us about the most important currency of all, the currency of love.”

Andrei Tolstopiatenko,
Manager, World Bank Group

We become the stories we tell.

As a Storyteller/Speaker, Trainer and Presentation Skills Coach, Kristin serves clients and audiences around the world to hear each other, connect across perceived differences, communicate their life experiences and share their stories in a clear, compelling and connective way.

By the end of her presentation or training session; whether at a keynote, conference, or more intimate engagement, you will be energized. You too will realize you are the author of your own story; there is a world of possibilities where people are more similar than different, risks are wings and you can create a life narrative that serves yourself and others.

What inspired her journey into story?

Growing up with a suicidal father who was a Special Ops Vietnam Veteran, Kristin learned early on the burden of an untold story and this is why she is so motivated to serve others to be able to tell their stories whether in the work place or a personal story.
In 2005 Kristin sold her home & most possessions to create/facilitate Literacy Outreach Belize and has donated programs for 33K youth and trained 800 teachers how to use their own cultural stories in schools. Her book, A Bridge of Story: Risking it All to Connect Classrooms and Cultures is now available for purchase.

In 2013 Kristin facilitated Artfully Aware’s Community Created Book Project in Kenya, Ghana and Haiti. The books Ghana Is… and Perseverance & Possibility in Kenya are available below.

She was the 1st American Storyteller accepted into the Kanoon International Storytelling Festival in Iran, February 2015. Watch her performance here: Kanoon

Kristin currently resides in Washington DC where she serves as a Storytelling Consultant at the World Bank and lives with the Golden Girls.

Fun Facts …

Kristin went to Burning Man in 2015 and camped with Pink Heart, yes it was as amazing as you’ve heard.

Kristin has been kissed by giraffes in Kenya, made groundnut soup in Ghana, performed yearly in Paris from 2008 to 2014 and couchsurfed across Europe on tour Spring 2010.

Kristin can sometimes be seen riding a pink drift trike in DC Bike Party.

She was 3lbs when she was born and does her best to live the phrase: “small but mighty.”



National Storytelling Network
2011 Oracle Award:

International Story Bridge

Finalist in the
TED Talks 2013 Worldwide Talent Search:
The Young, The Wise & The Undiscovered



National Storytelling Network

Storytelling Center of New York City

Interested in having Kristin inspire your organization?

Kristin is available for keynote talks, presentations, seminars, training, and so much more ...

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