Kristin Pedemonti

Narrative Therapy Practitioner, Facilitator, Storyteller & Speaker

“Kristin is an exceptional storyteller – she inspires through her amazing stories and gives confidence that allows to believe nothing can stop you. After meeting her you just have no excuse but to dare to realize your dreams.” ~ Anna Osińska, incubator Starter, Gdansk Poland
“Kristin delivers a powerful, yet simple message in a positive and encouraging way. She inspired me from thousands of miles away.” ~ Lauren Douglas, Teacher, Texas
“It always amazes me that you can so powerfully tell your story so that others can see their story in some part of the emotion, understanding and strength you create. You are the voice of others who are still trying to find or use theirs. In your vulnerability, you allow others to be vulnerable too and begin the process of healing.” ~ Jane Wells Schooley, Northstar Womens’ Leadership
“Kristin taught us the most important currency of all, the currency of love.” ~ Andrei Tolstopiatenko, Lead Knowledge Management Specialist, World Bank

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Stuck in a story that no longer serves you? Perhaps, it’s time to Steer Your Story rather than it steering you.

Every person and every organization has a Story; a narrative created from the stories we tell about ourselves, our interactions, our experiences. These stories impact how we view ourselves, others and the world around us. These stories have the power to connect or divide us, build bridges or walls, propel us through challenges or imprison us in the past.

Are your stories stopping you or propelling you both personally and in the workplace?

Kristin can help you steer your story so it pushes you forward rather than holds you back.

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Andrei Tolstopiatenko, Knowledge Manager, World Bank: “Kristin, you taught us the most important currency of all, the currency of love.”

Kristin at TED Talent Search New York City

Kristin at TEDx Phoenixville

A breadth of lived experience + exuberance wrapped in research = Narrative Practices, Facilitation & Presentations packed with encouragement and deep insights.

Kristin will work with you or your organization to explore your narrative, re-author what may no longer be working and share your stories with integrity while boldly, bravely and clearly communicating.

Kristin’s Clients include …

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