worldbankmissioncontrolIt’s been ages since I’ve written a post here. I’ve been working at the World Bank as a Storytelling Consultant. It’s been such a great learning experience.

I teach presentation skills: how to use the TED Talks style to be more clear, concise, concrete and compelling. I also teach the value and power of Story to more fully engage one’s audience.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. No matter who we are we wish to be: seen, heard, valued and understood.
  2. Less is More is not only good advice for your slides, it is good advice for life. Focus on Less and be understood More. Do a little less and enjoy life a little more.
  3. You can teach an older dog new tricks. Nearly every staff member no matter what their rank, position or country of origin has been open to changing their presentation style.
  4. We are all Tall Children. We all have insecurities and we all want to be seen as enough and more than adequate. Using encouraging words and kindness rather than “constructive criticism” goes a long way in serving staff to improve in their skills.
  5. Every one you encounter has an interesting life story.
  6. Every one at the World Bank started their because they were inspired to make the world a better place. Sometimes bureaucracy gets in the way of achieving change at a faster pace, but the desire is strong and it is there!
  7. We could also listen more and speak less, myself included!
  8. There are a lot of people who go to Burning Man who work at the World Bank.
  9. Overachievers are human too. And very much need encouragement to realize they are enough just as they are.
  10. Love is the most important form of currency.
  11. Bubbles are a great stress relief and people at the World Bank love them as much as anywhere else.
  12. You can be yourself even at the World Bank: showing one’s heart, compassion and care is a good thing!

If anyone is interested to hear more of the nitty gritty background I am willing to share what I can. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the World Bank and am grateful for this learning experience and heart expanding journey!

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