freehugselection2016We all want the same thing.

You might be surprised that’s what I learned today sharing FREE HUGS at a polling station in Allentown, PA where Trump signs prevail in a blue collar town. As they exited and walked to their cars, I thanked every person for voting.
Here’s a few of the statements voters shared with me today as I stood there in my pink panda Free Hugs shirt holding up my sign:
Man in jeans and camo jacket 60ish, “I want a better life for myself and my family.”
Woman in her 60’s very poshly dressed, “I don’t know who you’re voting for and I don’t wanna know, but I do know I want to share a hug with you. This is how we heal.”
Man in his 40’s wearing a volunteer Firefighter jacket “We all just want to be cared about.”
Woman 40’s, blue crocheted poncho, “Make America Kind Again.”
2 young mom’s, late 20’s, “This is what we need, more love and kindness shared.”
Woman late 70’s, “Thanks, I really needed a hug today.”
Man, 70 something, “You should hug tomorrow that’s when half the country is gonna be in mourning no matter what happens.”
Woman in mauve, “I’m 89, I vote every year, you betcha I made sure I voted today.”
Man 50 something, definite Trump supporter, “My son’s autistic, he loves hugs.” I respond, “well, here’s a hug from me to him, can you give it to him please?” He agreed.
2 woman early 30s with their daughters, all had “I’m With Her stickers, “Can we take a photo with you, we are so excited to bring our daughters to vote for the 1st female President, we are making history!”
And then there was the guy all in camo who hugged me for a good 2 minutes, just stood there breathing in and out, no words, just breathing slowly and peacefully. He stepped away and thanked me, “I really needed that today.” i responded, “yeah, me too.”

Here’s to realizing we’re not that different and here’s to being kind and healing with each other no matter what the outcome.
Hugs from my heart to yours,

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