It’s been a whirlwind and Worldwind of a Spring so far. Began with performances at TASIS in Thorpe, England and ended with guest lecturing at Malardalen University in Eskilstuna, Sweden and presentations at International School of Paris. Life is Good!

Highlights at TASIS in England were the 5th grade presentations using Process Drama and Storytelling to Address Bullying. The students did a marvelous job of adapting the story ending to more positive conclusion. They got “IT” and totally understood the need for All to feel inclusion and acceptance! The Staff also understood and presented powerfully positive endings when they participated in the teacher workshop. My favorite was the Musical version of the Lion and The Wise Old Rabbit; ala Glee perhaps. No more slushies in the face!

Highlight in Eskilstuna, Sweden: the Storytelling course student adaptations of folktales and the fantastic Improv presented in the Multicultural Improv class; especially their enthusiasm and jumping right into Character of the Space and Slide Show Vacation; their stories were so intricate and they all said YES to the opportunity to be a bit crazy, they allowed themselves to be uninhibited which was a JOY to watch unfold. I hope to upload a short video soon.

Highlight of Paris: The 5th graders telling of the Crab’s Dream story and the Dream Catcher. The best moment was AFTER the storytelling when over 50 5th graders did not want to leave, but rather continued to be engaged in storytelling and asked question after question about life as a storyteller.

Video: The Crab’s Dream Story

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