Have a Story but unsure how to tell it? How about a cause about which you are passionate but unsure how to express it? Or a Speech to deliver that seems to be missing a little je ne sais quoi?

3 Tips to Telling Your Story

1. Get out of your head and tell from your heart. We forget flowcharts, facts and figures, but we remember Stories because our brains are hard wired to understand the world this way. Take 5 minutes and look at your story from your heart; what do you feel? What do you want your audience to feel? Is there one moment or one encounter or impact on one person that you can share which will illustrate your message? That’s the crux of your Story. Keep it simple. Keep it real. The more genuine and passionate about your Story you are, the more your audience will resonate with you and listen.

2. Be aware of your audience; who are you telling to and why should they care about what you’ve got to share? Believe it or not, you are not telling for you, you are telling for your audience. Connect with them, look at them, extend your heart to them. Leave your ego outside and tell from a place of compassion that truly cares about the audience. They will only receive if you are willing to give. Make no assumptions, see your audience as human beings rather than any label or potential stereotype; we all have the desire to connect and feel like we belong.

3. Speak in language your audience understands. Take out any jargon or buzzwords. Jargon dilutes your Story & detracts from the Power of your Story to completely connect. Think of the words you use as painting a picture for your audience or creating a mini film.

And if you need any assistance, I’d be happy to help you craft your Story. Skype Storytelling Sessions now available for pay what you will. More info here: https://storytellerkp.com/storyspeaker-coaching/

Your story matters. Your life experience, your work experience may provide insight for someone else. Your way of viewing the world may help someone else see more clearly. Your Story is your Weapon of Mass Communication; share it and watch what unfolds.

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