What a night! I am still in awe to have been included among the amazingly talented people selected Worldwide for the Talent Search for TED Talks. Last night was more than inspirational, it was Mind Blowing and Heart Expanding.

We were blessed to hear 30 speakers share their talks on subjects ranging from:
*cutting edge science, using magnets to remove contaminants from drinking water (Adam Stein)
*how to see beyond limitations and paint with karate chops if you happen to lose the ability to create your art conventionally (Phil Hansen)
*a beautiful violin piece played by a young man with no right hand (Adrian Anantawan)
*potential for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer by 15 year old Jack Andraka.

Kindness was a constant theme throughout the evening with:
*my arrival on-stage on a Big Wheel: Journey Toward Living and Sharing Joy; from handing out over 500 bottles of bubbles on the New York City Subways to organizing Free Hugs events world wide.
*The World Needs More Love Letters; Hannah Brent shares her heart through writing thousands of love letters to people all over the world who request them. Beautiful Work.
*Orly Wahba shared her passion for seeing the good in all, especially those who do not see it in themselves and sharing random acts of kindness

Other favorites (of mine) included:
*Executive Director of Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, Pedro Noguera shared a passionate, eloquent plea for revamping our educational system.
*the trombone and dance stylings of Jonathan Arons who Wowed us with his musical skills and dashing dance abilities; from hip-hop to disco.
*Travis Rich shared how light, rather than radio can be used to send data to cell phones.
*Jeff Smith who shared the entreprenuerial potential of prisoners
*Author Toure spoke of Believing in your own potential and Never feeling you need to explain How You Got Here.
*Sleepy Man Banjo Boys; really WERE Boys! 10 year old banjo player and his 13 year old fiddler brother and 14 year old guitarist brother, blew our socks off with Bluegrass.
*The Saw Lady, YES, Natalia Paruz plays a SAW, it was beautiful music.
*Tania Luna shared her inspirational journey to the US from the Ukraine several years after Chernobyl.

Everyone who spoke was simply marvelous! I have so much gratitude for being selected and send a huge thank you to the TED Talks Team who made it all possible, everyone was so kind and helpful. Thank you to Curator Chris Anderson, Content Director Kelly Stoetzel, Nick Weinberg, Cloe Shasha, and Sean Gannett and everyone else who helped us all to feel so comfortable and Shine!

This was one of the highlights of my life! Please keep posted how YOU can vote for your favorite TED Talks speakers once the 5 minute video presentations are posted at the end of the month.

Big HUGS and Bubbles (oooOOOooooOOOOOOoo)
Kristin, aka Bubble Hug Fairy

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