Hello Superheroes! This weekend Superhero Celebrations will take place World Wide to Celebrate the Superhero in YOU! EVERYDAY SUPERHERO! It’s not Batman, it’s not Wonder Woman, it’s YOU!
The random acts of kindness, the moments of inner bravery, the time you took a chance and did something out of your comfort zone, where you didn’t take no for an answer and said YES, when you found a reason to smile (or make someone smile)

These are SUPER!

Gather to celebrate & share creative ideas or community building projects that have been bubbling up in your head.


Keep it SIMPLE. NO Pressure. Just Invite some friends & share.

These are happening simultaneously all over the world! YAY! SUPER!

It’s Easy!
1. If you Wish, Dress like a Superhero, Real or Imagined.

2. Invite friends to your home, apartment or public space of your choosing to Release your Inner Superhero.

3. Share Stories of Superhero Feats you’ve already accomplished OR Something Super Someone Else did for YOU; we are NOT talking leaping over buildings, those moments you leaped over your comfort zone and took a risk. Or that one time you helped someone. (no matter how small you think that moment may be)

4. Call to Action, What can you Do to make your community just a little more SUPER?

5. I’ll share a few SUPER Stories on Skype, yay! I can feel part of YOUR party, too. I will be PRESENT at DC!

6. OPTIONAL: Create a SIMPLE Photobooth and photograph your Superhero Selves and Share on Flickr and/or Facebook: I will create a link. If you’re Extra SUPER, make a video and post on youtube, please share on my channel: storytellerkp!

7. FREE Superhero 101 CD to each HOST. CD will be available for purchase either hard copy or digitally via CD-Baby. whoo hooo! (this event doubles as CD-Release celebration, but that is just a wee part of the entire event)

NOTE; there is GREAT flexibility in this Party Idea. The most Important thing; HAVE FUN and Celebrate Your Inner Superhero!!

This will take place Worldwide, at various times on January 19th 2013. And please Invite your friends…
Here’s the facebook link: Superhero Worldwide Celebrations

There are PARTIES IN:
NYC, thank you Nelson Chen & Carlo Romero, Juan Ito & Joy Notomo for helping organize
DC, thank you Sarah Hausman & Jennifer Cooper
NB, Kristin Oomen
TN, thank you Gina Lambert
TX, host to be announced
UTAH! Salt Lake City: Angela Sunny Oliver
VA, David Claunch, Amanda Baker Everett, Kim Weitkamp thank you!
AFGHANISTAN! Thanks to Major Robert Van Duzer III
STOCKHOLM, Ari and Anton, thank you!
BERLIN, Philipp Hansen, Danke!
ITAY, Paolococco Bubbledoctor
UK, Gian Paolo Ilari

IF YOU Want to me involved, let me know! WE CAN Make this world more SUPER!

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