A Superhero Story:
Welcome to Superhero 101: Everyday Superheroes. Together we are embarking on a journey in this thing called Life. I ask you to take flight with me, to shed your “everydayness” and Embrace your Inner Superhero. We All have one. True, That superhero may not appear in a cape or tights. That superhero may be the You wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

You may not drive a Bat-mobile or fly an invisible plane. Perhaps You drive a Saturn sedan with spare socks and blankets in the backseat to share with less fortunate folks you often encounter on those long drives from city to city. Or, on recalling that first mode of transportation that brought you freedom as a child, you stopped & bought that bicycle you saw at the yard sale down the street and fixed it up for the boy next door who’s parents work real hard, but cannot afford to buy their boy a bike.

Super Powers. We all have those, too. Not your typical Super powers like x-ray vision or the ability to leap over tall buildings. Gosh, those are so yesterday, so 1950 cliché.
Your superpowers may be a bit more Every Day.
Your superpower may the way you can See the Good buried deep down in those who are often deemed too tough to reach. Or your ability to leap across cultural boundaries and embrace those different from you while learning from them.

Superhero Feats
Sure Some Superheroes Save the World from the destructive forces of Dastardly Evil Doers. Perhaps Your Superhero Feats include some of the following:
The Superhero who gives that last parking space to the Other person or the one who carries that big bag of groceries to the car for that elderly woman. The Superhero who shares a smile with a stranger. The Superhero who rescued that cat from the shelter, you know the one with the sign on its cage that said, “I’ve been here for 3 weeks, I know I’m older, but I’ve got a lot of love to share. Please, I beg you to take me home, tonight’s my last night.” OR You may be the Superhero who coached little league in your few hours of spare time. Or the one who shared a post on Facebook about saving those dolphins or donating to the school program for girls in Afghanistan.

Sure, You may have done some Bigger Superhero feats. You may have taken a leap of Faith. You may have followed one of YOUR Dreams and in doing so, unlocked the dream of another. You may have sold your home and your possessions to create and facilitate a volunteer literacy project. You may have traveled village to village sharing your passion for Storytelling and encouraging the indigenous to Share Their Stories with you.

Yes, We All have the capability to be a Superhero. You don’t need a cape or to wear your underwear on the Outside, though for some folks, that may help. It’s a Fact: We are All Every Day Superheroes. Whether we know it or not, We all take actions every day that positively impact others. So, let’s get out there and Be Everyday Superheroes by sharing some kindness, compassion and understanding. We Can Make a Difference through what we may think are seemingly small actions.

Me, I’m gonna get out my Bubbles now because I know without a doubt the Super Power bubbles hold… yes, they are one of my favorite not so secret weapons. With the Super power to charm, disarm and elicit a smile from even the grumpiest of folks. oOOOooOOOoOOOOOOoooo
<3 Kristin

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