Calling all Superheroes!
Superhero 101 Tour begins September in Washington, DC! If you would like me to come to Your community, school, library, church, synagogue, mosque, festival, special event, corporate event (etc!) let me know! I will travel Anywhere as long as my travel expenses are covered and someone feeds me & houses me. I am so excited, so much so I might be able to really fly!

Superhero 101; Every Day Superheroes features TRUE TALES of the Real Superheroes among us, from the boy next door who repairs broken bikes and gives them to neighborhood kids to wonderful women like Wangari Maathai of Kenya who inspired the planting of millions of trees in her native Kenya and in countries throughout the world.

I would love to hear YOUR Real Superhero Stories. Who has inspired YOU recently. Comment and let me know. Or email me or contact me on Facebook: Kristin Pedemonti

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