It’s finally Here! Superhero 101 Every Day Superheroes CD is now available. And for one week, until November 21st at a special price: $12 + $1 shipping & handling. Handling includes a FREE HUG for Every CD before it is sent. To order, just click on the “donate” icon on my homepage, which will take you to Paypal, fill out your info, send payment and the CD will arrive to your mailbox.

Worldwide Superhero 101 Celebration

In the spirit of Superhero 101; Every Day Superheroes, we will host Superhero Parties Worldwide Celebrating the Superhero in All of Us. How does it work?
1. Gather friends, dress-up as your favorite Superhero; real or imagined.
2. Share stories of your own Superhero Feats; those small things you do that make a big impact.
3. Brainstorm additional ways to positively impact your own communities by being Every Day Superheroes.
4. Create a Call to Action and a Plan to Carry out those ideas.
5. Kristin will share stories with Every Party via Skype or Google video.
6. Create a Photobooth at your party and take photos of your fabulous Superhero Costumes.
7. Share the photos and videos from your parties here on and on facebook.
8. Every Host receives a FREE signed Superhero 101 CD.

The goal is to host Superhero 101 parties simultaneously all over the world to Celebrate our Inner Superhero. Date to be announced, sometime in mid January after the craziness of holidays has passed and we need some positivity on those long winter nights. Please contact Kristin via for more info or visit her on Facebook to sign up for the Event.

Huge HUGS and Happy Releasing YOUR Inner Superhero!

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