On this MLK Day, reflecting on words spoken 51 years ago and realizing we have made progress, but we’ve still far to go. And realizing that the words shared continue to ring true.

Let us share the table with everyone who hungers, open our minds to deep & honest conversation with ourselves & each other, open our hearts to everyone who needs love (and that = Everyone) and walk hand in hand as we continue crossing that bridge together. When we bring our brothers & sisters Up, we reap the benefit as a community; we rise together. Let us rise. And never, ever give up.

Let us get to know each other without masks or personas; but the deep down inside of ourselves because out of that comes tolerance and understanding.  When we are brave enough to be who we really are it provides permission for others to be who they really are; imperfectly perfect and the real dialogue can begin.

Pastor Joseph Deck said, “tolerance is giving to another everything you claim for yourself.”

Here’s to truly giving of ourselves to another and of opening our eyes to see beyond color of skin or religion, that whomever is before us is first a human being. Just like we are.

Here’s to reaching out to difference and listening and learning and knowing, in the end, we are not that different. There are many paths in life and though someone elses may be different from our own, it does not make ours better or theirs worse, it simply means there’s more than one way to arrive.

Here’s to seeing our Stories creating a beautiful tapestry of color as the threads are interwoven.

Let us all come to the tapestry laid out on the table and sit together and nourish each other. May we start from Love and end with Love and see the beauty in everyone around us.

Let us see the value of living in community and creating the community together; as we lift each other up, we all rise. Let us rise.

“The truth is, I am fractured until I link up with you then I see a mosaic created.” Pastor Joseph Deck. Let us become a mosaic, more beautiful than any one piece alone.

Please share a moment where you opened up in Love and crossed a bridge. A moment when a piece of you combined with the piece of another created a mosaic. Hugs from my heart to yours.


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