It has been a very busy, fruitful and illuminating week on this, the 13th volunteer trip with my project Literacy Outreach Belize.

Teri, Librarian in San Ignacio shared how attending and participating in the first workshop I ever offered in Belize finally gave her the confidence needed to begin telling stories on her own. She now offers storytelling at her library and at schools, the response has been incredibly positive to the extent that she has also been asked to do Training Workshops for other Librarians. She completed presenting her first training in December for librarians throughout the country who are also now inspired to do storytelling in their communities. And this is what I always Dreamed Literacy Outreach Belize would accomplish.

We performed together Friday the 13th for 70 Infant 1 (Kindergarten) and STD 3 (4th grade) students. We had a blast and it was beyond wonderful to watch Teri tell a story and sing a song with the children; her energized, enthusiastic presence permeated the entire library.

Teri will be part of the documentary we are shooting and I thank her for her willingness to share her story of her journey with Literacy Outreach Belize.

For now, you can see photos here:

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