Quiero Cuento, 24 Hours Without Violence!
Performed yesterday at Parque Bolivar with Don Mario of Buena Ventura and Freddy of Bogota. Fabian David Ortiz served as my wonderfully animated interpreter and our emcee for the morning.

We told Many Voices, a story collected and written by Joseph Bruchac from the Pueblo People. The theme of this tale; Working Together to Create Beautiful Solutions seemed appropriate for the event 24-0, 24 Hours Without Violence.

Amidst a sea of Colombians of all ages and more Police than I’ve seen (including at New Year’s Eve in NYC) Fabian and I, along with our wonderful volunteers, 10 year old son of Natalia, the Director of Quiero Cuento and a teenager from the audience, spun the tale of a drought and how to bring back the rains. Their enthusiasm warmed up the crowd and soon nearly everyone was assisting in the telling of the story. Smiling faces looked back at me, adults were snapping their fingers and clapping their hands to create the rain storm in the tale. And Fabian was animated not only in face, but in body; fantastic!

Next we told The Greatest Gift from Nigeria. In this tale a chief asks a servant to go on a quest to discover the Greatest Gift God has given to humans. The servant agrees and travels far and wide, across savannahs, up the mountain and down to the river before discovering the gift. With a happy heart he travels back to the Chief.

The Chief asks what he’s discovered and the servant shares the answer. To learn the answer please visit later this evening when I will post the video from 24-0.

Let us all remember to treat each other with kindness.

Today’s adventure is performing at Arte Sin Frontera, Arts without borders. Can’t wait! I will post again tomorrow!


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