Persistence + Passion = Possibility

This was Definitely my experience in Kenya. I met so many inherently talented people dedicated to contributing their Gifts to lift up their communities and in turn their Country.

I met Painters and Poets.

Storytellers and Songwriters.

Dancers and Drummers.

Farmers & Film Makers.

I met adults orphaned as children and teens who did Not Give Up & pursued their Passion.

I met Widowed Women who Refused to follow Tradition and struck out on their Own rather then be Inherited. Women who had overcome the challenge of not only their Spouse dying, but then their Home being taken, all their possessions returned to the deceased husband’s family, today these women are not only Surviving they are Thriving as they work together farming peanuts, their current goal providing micro-loans to other women in need. Here they show their strength:

Here is a depiction of their Life NOW working with CEPACET farming cooperative:

So many of the people I met had learned their skill or their creative craft by digging deep within and Connecting with others to Learn and to Share their Gifts.

Collecting the True Stories of their Real Life Journeys, their challenges and struggles and Ultimately their Triumph over Adversity was Beyond Inspiring. The Art work created by the art teacher & teens in Kibera Slums in Kenya is mind-blowingly Amazing.

They remind us ALL to Persist and with a bit of Pluck and Passion for our Gift Possibility is Endless!

You can support this ongoing Collaboration by purchasing Note Cards or 4X6 or 8X12 prints mounted on Mat Board featuring paintings created by the Art Teacher & Kids in Kibera. Coming soon in my on-line Store. If you would like to order a set of 7 cards, each with a different painting, you can click on the paypal Donate Button and send $20. You are welcome to Donate MORE if you wish.

Here’s a few more of the paintings:

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