“How can I help the wounded if I don’t welcome my own wounds?” ~ Jose, speaking of his journey from abused child to former gang member, heroin addict, currently an addiction counselor in LA. Jose shared the story of his mother asking him as age 6 why he didn’t just kill himself as he was such a burden to her. At age 9, she dumped him at an orphanage saying she found him by the side of the road. Jose went on to become a gang member and a heroin addict. Today, he is an Addictions Counselor who helps others through his own life journey and welcoming his wounds.

Perhaps your story is not as dramatic or extreme as Jose’s, however everyone of us has experienced challenges and struggles that have created wounds within us.  I once heard the lyric, “we are all Tall Children”.” I believe that, we ARE all Tall Children, some of us are simply a little taller than others. We we see each other as Tall Children, we are more apt to care and be a little more open. As for the wounds of childhood, there may be something positive in that pain.

Within our wounds there is tremendous Power; the Power of healing others through the Stories of our own life experiences. It is a journey for sure and it takes time to arrive at a point where we can stop covering up the wound, running from that wound or trying to live as if it never happened to us. Making Peace with our past wounds is liberating; it frees us from the weight of the wound and allows us to see the potential gift within that wound. It is not condoning what happened to us, but moving forward to see how that wound might be of help to someone else.

Everyone is wounded in some way. Everyone has challenges and struggles. When we see our own soul or spirit or essence (whatever you wish to call it) in another and see their soul, spirit or essence within ourselves we can reach out and truly serve. Indeed, how can we all welcome our past wounds, and see the potential of a Gift; Helping Others through our wounds.

For a further look at how to see the kindred spirit in another and how to welcome our wounds, please read this amazing interview with Father Greg Boyle as he speaks of his lifelong work with the gangs of LA: http://www.dailygood.org/story/691/the-calling-of-delight-on-gangs-service-and-kinship-krista-tippett/

Hugs from my heart to yours and may our wounds continue to heal,


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