Greetings Everyone!
It’s been a Marvelous May! Returned from a fantastic experience guest lecturing at Malardalen University in Sweden and performing at International School of Paris. Being in France during the election was Exciting!

Here’s the Good news:
1. StorySolving: Storytelling + Process Drama + Tough Topics = Positive Problem Solving Project is bouncing between # 1 and #2 in a contest on Good Maker. Please click on the link and vote to keep it #1. If I win I will receive $500 to launch a teacher training program called StorySolving! Visit my project page at GOOD Maker and click “Vote for this Idea” to vote for me! Thanks!

2. Finalist for TED Talks Audition in NYC! I sent in preliminary audition for TED Talks, if you are unfamiliar with them, google TED Talks, tons of terrific Talks on every subject you can imagine. I submitted: Free Hugs, Bubbles and Big Wheels; An interactive talk/storytelling presentation: The Importance of Happy /Hopeful /Joyful Stories (especially in tough times)

3. India Invite: Opened my email on Tuesday morning to an invite from the Founder of a school for orphaned, “untouchable,” children and former child slaves asking if I would like to do a book drive and perhaps volunteer. Of course, I said, YES! The only questions are When and How, but I am confident it Will Happen.

4. NSN Conference June 28 to July 1:
I will be presenting FREE HUGS at 12,000 Feet, Discovering and Sharing Joy Through Story! I am really excited about attending this conference for the first time and presenting as well. We are sure to have a BLAST!

5. Big Wheel Race FUNdraisers will be launching later this summer! To get involved, please email me at and I will put you on a team. The race can take many forms with only a few rules: 18+ years old to race, your “ride” must be no more than 12 inches off the ground, you dress as a Superhero and have FUN! Plans are to hold races at several locations in the Fall including on college campuses.

Hope you are well and have some Good News too, please do comment and share it here!

Hugs (Free ones of course :))

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