So excited, yes, it’s true. I am one of the fortunate finalists in the TED Talks Worldwide Talent Search. It’s another dream come true. To help me be one of the Luckiest, one of those chosen to present a full-length TED Talk in 2013, Please click on the video link here: TED Talk, Bringing Joy to Everyday Moments
Let me know if you enjoyed it, if it touched you. If it deserves to be a Full-length TED Talk. Your ratings and comments determine who is chosen to present in 2013.
To rate and comment, you first need to “register” with TED, it only takes a moment. If you do not register, the comment disappears, just like magic. Please, do let me know when you comment and if you have any troubles. Thanks so much for the support. HUG (a Free one, of course) and oOOoooOOOooo Bubbles!

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