I am so excited! Hilary Wallis, Founder of Artfully AWARE said YES to my request to Collaborate with her amazing organization. I will take her Story Project to Kenya in June when I visit to perform in Nairobi the SIGANA International Storytelling Festival. The Story Project encompasses meeting with locals, asking them what issue they would like to focus on, working together through discussions & interviews to write a story and then illustrating the story with paintings, photographs and drawings created by the people. It will be a beautiful process & I look forward to volunteering with Kenyans of different cultures.

I will also bring my own project Literacy Outreach (which is evolving to Building Bridges Between) and will offer workshops on Every Day Superheroes and Connecting Culture, Classrooms & Community Through Story.

To say I am Grateful is a vast understatement! To perform in the Festival itself and expand my own literacy project was Incredible to me, to partner with Artfully AWARE which has just been invited into the Clinton Global Initiative is mind blowing! And it happened because of a chance meeting on the NYC subway in 2009, saving a business card and sending an email.

A perfect example of taking a risk, stepping outside the comfort zone and ASKING! You never know what may happen. What would YOU like to ask for?

If you’d like to know more about Hilary’s work, visit her website: Artfully Aware

If you would like to help support the trip to Kenya (festival has no funds for my travel or housing and there is no fee being paid to me) Please do consider purchasing a FREE HUGS T-shirt.

Shirts are now available in Pink or Turquoise in Women’s sizes or in Blue or Red in Mens’ sizes.
You can order them here: Store

Thanks to John Mukeni Namai, Hellen Alumbe and Grace Wangari for all their assistance in making the Festival happen. I am looking forward to Building Bridges Between through Story. And I am looking forward to hearing how YOU’VE taken a risk, please do share YOUR story here in the comments.

HUG from my heart to yours!

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