Everyone has a story. These stories are valuable, they matter. Stories connect us across culture, age, and perceived boundaries. As we share our stories from the heart, it is as deeply important to Listen to someone’s story from the Heart.

Listening from the Heart helps us find common ground and build bridges between as we realize we are more similar than different and perceived obstacles can become opportunities for us to work together and find solutions.

The Chinese symbol for listening is:

It is most fitting that the symbol includes Eyes, Attention, Open Heart and Ears. It is a great reminder of how to pause and truly Listen with all of our being. Especially today in our tech filled world where it seems people are always attached to their smart phones, mp3 players, or bluetooth. Technology is wonderful in some ways; we are more connected than ever across the planet, at the same time we are more DIS-connected than ever to the physical person right in front of us.

The next time you are engaged in conversation, whomever is on the other side, please respect them and yourself to be fully present; turn off your mobile, take your earbuds out of your ears, and listen with your eyes, your attention, your open heart and your ears.


It makes a huge difference. When we listen from the heart we hear beyond any assumptions, we hear the human being in front of us. Take a moment today and listen to someone’s story. Listen from an open heart and observe where the story takes the two of you. And tell me about it.

I’m listening.

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