2014 A New Year of Possibilities.

Lesson learned in 2013; TOGETHER we can do so much MORE.

2013 was an Amazing year. I’m still pinching myself. Everything accomplished was because of Collaborations; reaching out and working Together. Sharing.


  • Performed at Festivals in Asheville, NC Poland, and Kenya.
  • Collaborated with CGI member Artfully Aware.
  • Volunteered in Kenya, Ghana & Haiti Thanks to donations from Rotary Club of Dupont Circle in DC and a fundraiser by Jane Wells Schooley: I Listened, Interviewed & Collected countless stories of perseverance, resilience, potential and hope.
  • Became a published author:  Perseverance & Possibility in Kenya
  • Free Hugged a Baby Elephant and received a Kiss from a juvenile Giraffe! IMG_4299


  • Presented my first Keynote, which led to a second.
  • Spoke publicly in performance for the 1st time about a 20 year struggle with Body Image.
  • Overcame a fear of motorcycles by riding down a mountain in Haiti.

There were tough spots, too. Financially, it was the leanest year since 2005 when I  left the “regular” job world & sold my home & possessions to be a full-time Storyteller & Facilitate my own volunteer literacy project in Belize. This past summer I had to secure new living arrangements; through the incredible generosity of friends it all worked out beautifully.  Though sometimes it was difficult to “keep on, keepin’ on.”

What I learned:

  • Collaboration is Key. Seriously, when we Share our skill-sets, Anything is Possible.
  • Something Amazing may happen if you Take a Risk: I carried around a business card for 5 years, a bit embarrassed I’d never contacted the person who presented it to me. Finally, sent an email in April which led to one of the most wonderful collaborations of my life with Artfully AWARE.
  • Money does NOT define whether you are Rich or Poor, your Experiences Do.
  • No matter how little you think you have, you can still help someone else. (Hugs are FREE!)
  • Facebook is NOT Reality: Everyone has Challenges.
  • Doing Nothing is actually Doing Something. Mindful Meditation!
  • You can do a lot of Good with very little.
  • Speaking from the Heart is Always the correct answer.
  • Being vulnerable and Open about your Challenges is more Powerful than you realize.
  • Kindness begets kindness.  

I’m heading to Haiti January 23rd to February 6th to collaborate with Lee Rainboth. I’m donating literacy training in exchange for his help serving as translator/facilitator as we Interview and Share the inspiring, resilient and Hopeful stories of Haitian artists, educators, entrepreneurs, healthcare workers, and students. Our goal is to breakdown stereotypes and highlight the incredible potential & talent Haitians possess through the projects they’ve initiated.

2014, Welcome! A Fresh New Year of Possibilities. Let’s open our eyes, ears and hearts to collaboration, connecting and creating. And if YOU want to collaborate or partner on a project please let me know!

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