Arte Sin Fronteras, Art Without Frontiers is located in one of the poorest barrios in Bogota Colombia. The people face enormous daily struggles including gang violence, drug cartels and extreme poverty.

However, the children are children, just like in every other city or barrio I’ve ever visited. They are happy, playful, affectionate and eager to share in the arts, whether music, dance or storytelling.

Performing with and for them was a heart-expanding experience and one I shall treasure for my entire life. I am grateful to Quiero Cuento Festival for arranging this lovely opportunity. Thanks as well to Jose Mario, a Teller of Traditional Tales from Buena Ventura on the coast of Colombia who also performed with us. Many thanks to Rammses Montezuma for his wonderful assistance as my most adept translator.

Please enjoy the following video:
The Elephant’s Secret, we join the story in progress after the elephant has pulled the shadow of the mountain over her body as a great grey sweater and is exploring the world. The animals are frightened of her at first because they have never encountered such a large beast. Soon they learn that her heart is filled with kindness as she offers help to many animals she meets on her journey.

The story offers us an important reminder to not judge anyone by their appearance or circumstances; just now typing I’ve realized the deeper connection of the story and telling it in this barrio. These people are beautiful people caught in terrible circumstances and often they are judged by where they are living rather than Who they are as people.

Let us remember to SEE people for WHO they are and not by the color of their skin or the place they live. We are all human after all.

Enjoy the video! Elephant’s Secret at Arte Sin Fronteras Bogota Colombia [4:57:33 PM] HabilisOrian:

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