It’s time once again for the 3rd Annual Worldwide FREE HUGS! Before discovering Free Hugs, I Never met a Valentine’s Day I liked, unless you count that one in Kindergarten dancing with Jeffrey Diamond.

The first Annual Valentine’s Free Hugs was a Wonderful experience in NYC. In 2010 we were featured on CBS News! In 2011, nearly 20 Huggers joined in NYC sharing the Love and we went Worldwide via the wonders of facebook. 2012 the Hugs and Love spread once again. Let’s share even more LOVE in 2013.

I will be Hugging in Union Square Thursday February 14th 230pm to 530pm (or until our arms fall off)

Where will YOU share HUGS on February 14th? Please comment and tell us.

Sign up here: facebook invite

HUG from my lil heart to yours!

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